Friday, January 18, 2013

A No Show for Snow

We have had rain for the past four days. With the ground saturated and the dreary looking sky endless, the only glimmer of hope for a change was the chance of snow.  However the sky just didn't look like a snow sky.

Almost 4 1/2 inches of rain today!

You see here in the south, a southerner isn't particulary against snowfall.  We like a fair amount for the kids to play in and make a snowman, but we like the conditions for snow to be ideal.  Our weather has not been ideal.  The yards are too muddy for the children to play in snow right now.  So no one was really rooting for the event to take place, even the kids!

Another condition for snowfall happens to be it must last no more than a day or two on the ground.  After that, it becomes dirty looking and everyone has had their fill of a snow day.  At least the forecast would cooperate for that!

So we spent Thursday wandering if we would have snow in the evening.  The rain was coming down hard and the roads flooding.  It never really became cold during the day.  We were out and about with light jackets.

Evening came and my parents picked up Egee to spend a few days with them.  The rain had slacked off by then and the temperature began to drop.  Was the snow getting ready to arrive?  Still no real excitement from the kids.

Little Man and I looked out the window a few times and never saw flakes.  We only heard the pitter patter of rain.  Egee called and reported no snow, just rain.

We finally went to bed and awoke to sun drenched rooms.  The house did not have the quiet feeling that a snowfall brings.  When I looked outside, there was no visible sign of even a hint of snow.  Oh well, we will hope for snow later.  Our good snow falls happen in late Febuary and early March!