Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some days are well...

The last few weeks have been going great with schooling.  I have had no major issues with the children doing their work.  I knew this was to good to be true!

Last week he wanted to take his school work and do extra while waiting on sister at Aikido.

Stubbornness reared it's ugly head this morning.  Things were going fine for the most part during read-aloud history and bible.  I only had to call Little Man down twice.  However, when it was time to do computer work, he was being very obstinate.

No one really confesses to days like today.  You know the days that you want to just pack them up in the car and drop them off at an elementary school nearest the house.  Or call the closest military academy and see if there is any possibility for late enrollment. 

Power struggles are worthless.  I told him to pay attention and he smirked he was.  When it came time to complete the lesson, he was guessing at answers.  He wasn't even listening to the choices.  (This is the kid that if he gets an answer wrong usually freaks out.  He hates being wrong.  However, today he did not care.)

I restarted the lesson.  He went crazy.  I told him we could sit here all day and redo the lesson until he got it right.  He gave in and did it correctly.

Then we went to another lesson.  Same song and dance with this one.  Again he gave in, after I started it over twice.

He finally settled into completing his lessons and was finished within fifteen minutes.  Of course, we had already spent forty-five minutes on the previous lessons. 

His stubborn streak has not diminished all day.  I am hoping that after he goes to bed, it will drift off and not return for several weeks.  One can only hope!