Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.  Let us take the time to give thanks for all that we have been blessed with.  The Lord has given each of us life and personal gifts that we are to use.  Let us be forever grateful. 

As I watch my children grow, I am reminded daily of these gifts.  How I am here to nurture them and let them have as many experiences as possible to discover the gifts that He has given them.  So many of us have pushed these gifts deep within us, we have become what others imposed upon us.  We feel something missing in our lives.  Our God given gifts still dwell inside of us and we push them down.  I made a vow that I would not push my children's gifts down.  I would help them discover these gifts and allow them to pursue them.  I am thankful that I can stay home and school my children, so that they can be free to pursue their gifts.

I am thankful to have a husband that is a wonderful man.  He provides well for our family; he works hard without complaint; he is gentle and caring; he is a strong protector; he is a good daddy.  We all love him very much.

I am thankful for Egee.  She is my girly-girl.  She made me a mother and changed my world.  I have learned more about giving and compassion than ever before.  Her heart is of gold.  She is my snuggler and hugger.  I have learned more about fashion, make-up, hair, music, dance, etc. these pass two years, as she transitions from little girl to teenager.  Being a tomboy growing up, I was never into these things.  I am learning and she is teaching me.  I'm not sure what the Lord has in store for her, but I know it will be wonderful.

I am thankful for Little Man.  He is all boy and has kept my life filled with excitement.  I have learned more about patience and acceptance from him.  He is all about living life to its fullness and living in the now.  I have learned to roll with the punches and live more in the moment.  He keeps me on my toes and  thinking.  He is stubborn and playful.  He is witty and thoughtful.  I have learned more about the learning process from him than I would have ever learned in the classroom.  I have learned to trust my gut and have faith that God allows us to learn all we need to learn at the right moments.  He has taught me that we are all individuals with our own destinies and not made to learn things on a rigid time schedule.  He has many gifts that God has given him and we are on our way to discovering how to use them.

I am thankful for my parents.  They provided me with so many opportunities growing-up.  They still do to this day!  They are wonderful grandparents and we love them so very much.

I am thankful for all the family and friends that God has put in our lives.  Life is not about the material things you accumulate over the years.  It is about the relationships that have and are being built.  It is about loving and caring.  Through Him, all things are possible!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WGGS Studio Tour

We went with others in our homeschool group to tour the WGGS studios.  We had never been to a television studio and thought this would be quite informative.

Our hostess, Cheree, gave us a little history of how the studio came into being.  The Reverend Thompson and his wife started the studio in October of 1972 and it is the longest continuing running Christian Television station in the world.  She told us that others may have been around longer, but they have gone 'black' periodically and have not ran continuous like WGGS.

We learned about the different types of jobs the studio has to make a program run.  We met the master programer and learned about his job.  All the electronic equipment that he uses and how important it is to know how learn new things to keep up to date with current technology.

We saw the sets of two kitchens and learned about lighting and how it can add to production.  We went on the set of their popular Niteline show and learned about set staging and camera work.  The children were able to work the camera and pretend to be on set.  They were all shy at first, but then warmed up and had fun working the camera.

We saw inside the producer's booth and learned about the equipment he uses.  More buttons and electronics!  Our hostess explained how important it was that things run smoothly and when things don't, always have a plan B.

We learned about the audio equipment and sound boards.  Then off to editing we went.  Cheree told us that editing is very important and the time of the show is critical.  If the edited show is even three seconds too short, it can be just as bad as if it were to long.

We made our way to the chapel area of the studio and into the telethon room.  The studio relies upon monetary donations twice a year to keep running.  The children all got to sit in the telethon chairs for a photo-op.

Our final stop on the tour was the Appalachian Ministry.  Mrs. Thompson was very big into missionaries and the Appalachian Ministry was one dear to her heart.  Her sons have continued this ministry.  We learned about the big Christmas ministry that takes place and how a different Appalachian area is chosen each year.

We had a great time learning about the WGGS and look forward to helping out in the Appalachian ministry.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cabela Field Trip

One of our homeschool groups went on a field trip to the local Cabela's store.  We were interested in this type of field trip, so we jumped at the opportunity to go.

The guide was new to giving the tour.  She told the children a little about each department.  I would have liked more detail with explanation of why they choose to display certain products, but the age range for the trip was quite large.  The younger ones would not have been very interested in the detail.

She pointed out the large, local, State Park maps on the walls near the camping department.  She asked the children if they had camped and if they had ever been to one of the State Parks on the wall.

We made our way to the shoe department and she pointed out the different animals on display.  The children all loved this part.  Looking at large creatures always draws interests.  She explained that the store had over 200 animals in it that were taxidermed and that almost all were local.

We learned about the fishing department and the rods and reels.  She explained how different rods and reels were needed depending on the type of fishing one would be doing.  Little Man listened quite intently.  There was a fly fishing demonstration, next.  He wants badly to learn to fly fish and loved every minute of the demonstration.  We then looked at different types of fly fishing lures.  They had a large variety in the store.

Off to the aquarium, we went!  The children were ecstatic about this feature and the 'mountain' area.  We got lucky to have the person that takes care of the aquariums to be there and explain how the fish are cared for in each aquarium.  We learned that the trout aquarium is maintained at 55 degrees and they are fed pellet food.  The warm water aquarium is maintained around 70 degrees and the fish in it are fed live food.  In the winter they drop the temperature in the warm aquarium to simulate typical change in the environment for the fish.  The children were delighted to watch the fish being fed.  It was quite exciting to see the warm water fish eating the minnows and shad.

We learned about different types of animal calls in the hunting department.  They had an electronic call that played a variety of different animal sounds.  The children were able to try out the turkey call, antlers, elk call, and a duck call.

The guide took us to the Gun Library and the children were able to see all types of guns on display.  The boys loved this and all found a gun they liked.  We learned how the guns were obtained for the Gun Library and a bit of history on a few of the guns.

We then made our way to the clothing department and saw a new type of camouflage that changes colors with the outdoor temperature.  This intrigued Little Man and he made sure to tell his granddad and dad later that evening.

Finally, to the archery department.  They were looking forward to this.  Everyone was able to shoot a bow and arrow at a deer target.

Overall, we had a good time learning about the various departments in the store.  Maybe, I can set up another tour and have them teach the children more about the retail side of the business. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Computer Parts with Mr. Jack

Chesnee Library day with Mr. Jack is always highly anticipated.  We brought a new friend along to share in the excitement. 

Mr. Jack wasn't expecting a large turnout, due to the fact, the class had been rescheduled from its normal day.  That was fine with us, we didn't mind having him mostly to ourselves with some of our friends.

Today, he had decided with a lower turnout, to introduce the children to the inner parts of the computer.  He showed them the hard drive, memory sticks, CPU, power supply, video and sound cards, motherboard, etc.  With each piece, he told the children how it worked in the computer.  They were all eager to learn this information and see if it would work when connected.

Sure enough, when the parts were connected the computer was able to run and display the information on the monitor.  So, cool!

Mr. Jack related the larger items from the computer to those in their tablets and phones.  Maybe this will spark an interest in the children to have Hubby bring home an old computer for them to explore.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day!

We honored our local veterans today.  Our little town hosts a Veterans Day Parade and we look forward to it every year.  This year, we brought along some friends.  The turn out was great this year.  The veterans all seemed to notice how large the turn out was and smiled extra big, as they made their way down the parade route.  Thank you to all that are serving and have served!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


I saw a S.T.E.M. post on building bridges from marshmallows and toothpicks.  I found it interesting and not too messy to try it at home.  So, off I went and bought two bags of mini-marshmallows and two 800 count boxes of toothpicks.  I figured we could use the extra on other projects.

I let the marshmallows air dry for several days.  This way they weren't sticky on the outside and had a bit of firmness to them.  While drying, the kids munched on a few here and there.  I had plenty, so no big deal.  In fact, I still have plenty!  Hmm...ideas to use for Christmas activities?

Yesterday, we made our bridges.  Yes, we!  I like to build things too and have fun with them.  So, I built my own bridge.

Before we began building, I asked them what they have learned about building bridges from Mr. Jack.  They both said together, "Triangles!"  Well, done, Mr. Jack for installing that into their brains.  They know that the basis of strong bridge architecture is that of triangles.  And with that, they set out building their bridges.

Little Man went for a more simple approach to his bridge.  Mainly, due to the fact, he wanted to go out and play basketball.

Egee took more time and effort.  She did a really good job.

I added a bottom set of triangles to mine to try and offer more support.  Egee thought I should have put more top support on the bridge.

We let the bridges set overnight and hoped that the marshmallows would dry and adhere to the toothpicks.  They did a bit, but we should have allowed them to dry for a couple days.

We then proceeded to test the bridges using pennies as our weight source.  Placing the bridge atop two cups, so it was suspended in the air, we began our test.

Little Man went first and his bridge held five pennies worth of weight.

Egee was next and her bridge held fourteen pennies.  Very good!

Mine came next and held fifteen pennies.  I think Egee was right, I should have placed the extra support on top.

We had fun with our little engineering experiment.  Now, time to find other things to build with our marshmallows and toothpicks!