Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Computer Parts with Mr. Jack

Chesnee Library day with Mr. Jack is always highly anticipated.  We brought a new friend along to share in the excitement. 

Mr. Jack wasn't expecting a large turnout, due to the fact, the class had been rescheduled from its normal day.  That was fine with us, we didn't mind having him mostly to ourselves with some of our friends.

Today, he had decided with a lower turnout, to introduce the children to the inner parts of the computer.  He showed them the hard drive, memory sticks, CPU, power supply, video and sound cards, motherboard, etc.  With each piece, he told the children how it worked in the computer.  They were all eager to learn this information and see if it would work when connected.

Sure enough, when the parts were connected the computer was able to run and display the information on the monitor.  So, cool!

Mr. Jack related the larger items from the computer to those in their tablets and phones.  Maybe this will spark an interest in the children to have Hubby bring home an old computer for them to explore.