Saturday, November 8, 2014

Out goes the old and In comes the new

We are finally got a new pool.  We have worked our way up from a small eight foot in diameter Intex inflatable ring pool to a twenty-four foot in diameter Intex pool.  The Intex pools have served their purpose to beat the heat of summer in the south.  It was time  to finalize our pool needs with a 'real' above ground pool.

We chose to remain with an above ground pool for several reasons.  1.  The dog cannot 'accidentally'  get into the pool.  2.  Our septic system keeps us from having an inground pool close to the house.  3.  The kids cannot 'accidentally' fall into the pool.  4.  It is much easier to maintain.  5.  If we ever decide to move, it can come with us.

The men arrived to install the pool and leveled the existing pool area.  (We gave our old pool to friends.  It has a few more years of use, if not more.)  The crew scraped the ground and moved the old tarps.  The Intex pools always came with ground covers and I just piled one on top of the other.  This took better part of an afternoon.

The next day, they began laying out the channels for the walls and spreading sand.  They only worked half a day, due to an emergency call.

Finally, they were able to put up the walls and set the liner in place.  This was meticulously done.  Measuring and tapping the walls to the just perfect width.  Then measuring once more to check.  The sand was then groomed and the bottom leveled for the pool.  They didn't want to leave footprints or sagging holes.

Next, came the hanging of the liner.  Another meticulous job of smoothing out wrinkles and positioning everything just right.  I'm not sure if I would have had the patience!  They placed a vacuum hose between the wall of the pool and the liner to pull the liner tight.  One of the men was on his hands and knees smoothing out the wrinkles.  This must have taken thirty minutes or more!

We began adding water to the pool to get ready for the last phase of installation.  They needed enough water weight on the liner to make the cuts for the skimmer.  The pool took forever to fill with the hose.  A friend asked why I didn't call someone to fill it up.  Like a dummy, I didn't know there was a company that delivered water to fill pools.  Oh, well, now I do! 

At last, the pool is finished and we are ready for next swim season.  Hopefully, early spring we will add a deck around the pool and everything will be finished just in time for warm weather!