Saturday, October 25, 2014

Festival Season = Time to Dance!

Egee made competition team for dancing in June.  She started practicing for the fall festivals in July.  Needless to say, we had a busy summer full of dance.  We finally got to see her perform two Saturdays in a row and we are so proud of her and the other dancers.

Harvest Fest in our little town was her first performance.  The next weekend, she performed at the International Festival.  Both performances drew a large crowd of parents, families, friends, and festival spectators.

Her dance studio has 112 girls on competition and performance teams.  Each girl had to earn a spot on a team and commit to a year's worth of practices, rehearsals, performances, festivals, parades and competitions.  They showed us a bit of the what is yet to come in this performance season.

Each girl gave it her all and they were great.  Parents and teachers were proud of the girls.  I can't wait to see more!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gracious, We Have Been Busy!

Lately, I haven't had time to blog.  We have been running in all different directions.  Between library classes, dance lessons, choir practices, extra rehearsals, and just every day life, I haven't had time to sit down and type!  So, here is a recap of all the library classes we have done. 

Straw Rocket Fun at Woodruff Library

We trekked down to Woodruff the other day.  The kids were delighted to make paper rockets using straws and launch them.  It was quite a novel idea.  We learned about thrust and trajectory.  Of course, trajectory for Little Man was to try and hit his sister with the rocket.  Thank goodness, they were light weight and made from construction paper!


Can You Walk on a Paper Cup?

The children were challenged by Mr. Jack at the Chesnee library to walk on paper cups.  This became a delight to figure out how much weight a paper cup could hold.  Of course, Mr. Jack explained how the shape of the object provided strength.  He connected it to bone structure and architectural structures.  He then made two groups and had them create a platform held up by paper cups for Little Man to walk across the room. 

After the groups built the movable platform, they were challenged to make a tall, yet strong tower from cups.  The groups worked for twenty minutes trying to build the 'best' structure.  Everyone seemed to have a different idea.  Some towers crashed and some held several books.  It was a fun day of engineering.

Catapult Fun in Landrum

The children made catapults with Ms. Lissell at the Landrum library.  They banded popsicle sticks together with rubber bands and attached a plastic spoon.  Soon, everyone was launching Ping-Pong balls through the air.  They had a contest to see who could launch the Ping-Pong ball the furthest.  I think they had more fun launching them at each other!

Book Tasting Feast

Ms. Jean introduced the children to the different genres of books during the Headquarters library program.  She explained a little about each type and wanted the children to sample a variety of books.  They had a 'menu' to fill out.  They chose different books and read a page or two in each book.  Then they filled out the menu to share with others. 

Duct Tape Survival

Egee went to the School of Thought Teen home school class this year.  They learned to make various objects using only duct tape.  Of course, she enjoyed it.  I see us buying more duct tape soon!

Where In the World Are You?

Little Man and his buddies learned more about geography this month at the Inman Library program.  They reviewed the continents and oceans; then they traveled to Romania.  He learned about Nadia Comaneci, Dracula, and Bucharest. 

Breakneck Teen Bistro

Egee continued learning new things to make in the microwave this month.  Ms. Sara taught the teens how to make burritos and a pudding cake.  Egee was more than happy to make a Mexican dish.  It must have been really good, because she didn't save me a bite to sample!  Oh, well, I guess she will have to fix it for lunch one day.

I believe that is all the library classes we have attended for the past month!  Now to just catch up on all the other stuff we have done. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Adoption Day, Samson!

The year has flown by for our dear boy.  It is hard to believe this almost ninety pound bundle of joy was once smaller than his head is now!  When we brought him home last October, he barely weighed six pounds.  The joy he has brought us is never ending.  We love our big baby!