Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WGGS Studio Tour

We went with others in our homeschool group to tour the WGGS studios.  We had never been to a television studio and thought this would be quite informative.

Our hostess, Cheree, gave us a little history of how the studio came into being.  The Reverend Thompson and his wife started the studio in October of 1972 and it is the longest continuing running Christian Television station in the world.  She told us that others may have been around longer, but they have gone 'black' periodically and have not ran continuous like WGGS.

We learned about the different types of jobs the studio has to make a program run.  We met the master programer and learned about his job.  All the electronic equipment that he uses and how important it is to know how learn new things to keep up to date with current technology.

We saw the sets of two kitchens and learned about lighting and how it can add to production.  We went on the set of their popular Niteline show and learned about set staging and camera work.  The children were able to work the camera and pretend to be on set.  They were all shy at first, but then warmed up and had fun working the camera.

We saw inside the producer's booth and learned about the equipment he uses.  More buttons and electronics!  Our hostess explained how important it was that things run smoothly and when things don't, always have a plan B.

We learned about the audio equipment and sound boards.  Then off to editing we went.  Cheree told us that editing is very important and the time of the show is critical.  If the edited show is even three seconds too short, it can be just as bad as if it were to long.

We made our way to the chapel area of the studio and into the telethon room.  The studio relies upon monetary donations twice a year to keep running.  The children all got to sit in the telethon chairs for a photo-op.

Our final stop on the tour was the Appalachian Ministry.  Mrs. Thompson was very big into missionaries and the Appalachian Ministry was one dear to her heart.  Her sons have continued this ministry.  We learned about the big Christmas ministry that takes place and how a different Appalachian area is chosen each year.

We had a great time learning about the WGGS and look forward to helping out in the Appalachian ministry.