Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Theory and Piano Lessons

Today, we added music theory and piano lessons to our curriculum.  Egee has been dabbling with the piano for a couple of years.  I have taught her a few things informally, but I really wanted to delve in deeper.  Little Man has recently picked up interest in playing piano.  So, I decided the time has finally come to teach them both the basics.

I spent the weekend looking for a fun music theory book that we could all work on together.  I printed out copies for both children.

After our regular lessons this morning, I let the children take a twenty minute break.  I told them I had a surprise for today.  They both were ecstatic when I mentioned piano lessons.

We sat on the living room floor and discussed music theory.  I taught them about the treble and bass clef.  We learned about the different types of notes and how many beats they get.  We finished the lesson with naming notes and playing them on the piano. 

They did well on their first day of piano lessons.  We will dive in again tomorrow!