Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Only Child

We spend 24/7 together and that can become tough.  Sometimes we just need a break from each other.  It isn't that we despise one another.  Little vacations from the family atmosphere is just needed at times.  It is a time to refresh one's self and take a break.

I took my break on my birthday weekend from the children and came back more refreshed.  Now it is Egee's turn to take a break.  Little Man often gives her a run for her money and she needs time with the grandparents.

My parents tend to spoil the grandkids.  As the grandchildren have become older, my parents have carved out time for each child to spend time alone with them.  It is a special time that may just mean lying around the house all day with no expectations.  Or going out to a special dinner and dessert.  Spa time for the girls is a delight.  Going to the shooting range is a highlight for the boys.

The other child stays at home.  This gives them the only child status for a day or two.  It is funny how the dynamic changes when they have become the only child.  No one to fuss with over the remote or game.  A different child seems to appear and tensions of sibling rivalry diminish.

Little Man is enjoying his status, but misses his sister.  He wants to call her daily and even tries to 'get invited' over to the grandparents.  He misses his bed hopping nights to get into Egee's bed.  (We are hopefully putting an end to the bed hopping this weekend!)  He does enjoy playing with K-Man by himself.

He wanted to go out to Mexican last night.  He never wants to get Mexican when Egee is home.  This time was different, because we let the children get cheese dip when it is just one.  He loves cheese dip and remembered he could get it. 

We try to do special things during the only child days.  Snuggling before bed, a special treat when out, extra attention, etc. are all part of the agenda.

They hate for their alone time to come to an end, but they truly miss each other after a few days apart.  A few months later, they will get only child status again.  Until then, the sibling rivalry will creep back and things will return to normal.  Then I will need alone time!