Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snap Circuits

I found a brand new (never been opened) snap circuit set at the Thrift Barn on Thursday.  I couldn't believe it!  I had been looking to purchase one, but really didn't want to spend thirty dollars.  I paid three dollars and fifty cents at the Thrift Barn.  Score!

Little Man quickly spied the interesting looking box in the shopping buggy.  He wanted to play with it and couldn't wait to get it home.  We had so many errands and Aikido practice that day, by the time we got home it was late.  However, he remembered it on Friday evening around 7:30 pm!

So, a tired Mommy reluctantly agreed to experimentation.  Now, I am not a physics person.  I have a degree in biology and have taken my fair share of chemistry course, however I never took physics.  Hubby is the computer and electronic person of the household.  Unfourtunately, he was not home to help.

Little Man and Egee were excited.  We cleared the coffee table and set the box on it.  I pulled out the manual and began to study it.  Little Man was taking out pieces and wanting to build the flying saucer.  I found the directions.  When the directions started talking about reversing polarities of something and refering back to another experiment, my brain locked up.  The children were insistant on trying this and that.  I decided to start with the experiment the directions refered us.

We were now in agreement that we would start out building the fan.  I showed them how to read the directions.  They retrieved the parts we needed to make the fan.  The excitement built, as we snapped the last piece on the board.  Little Man flipped the switch and the fan started.  Success!

Now on to the flying saucer.  We studied the diagram and compared it to the fan.  What was different?  The children looked and compared.  We found that the fan motor was turned in the opposite direction (reversing its polarity).  So, we switched it on our board.  Egee flipped the switch and the fan ran in reverse.  Wasn't it suppose to fly?  Then up it went!  The children repeated the experiment over and over.

Next, we had to make the alarm.  Then we had to make the LED light up.  The children were full of what if we did this.  Let's see if this will work.  Everyone was having a good time. 

Unfourtunately, time passed quickly and before we knew, it was nine o'clock at night.  Little Man wanted to do all 100 experiments before he went to bed, but I overrulled him.  We have to save some for later.

This is the best three dollars and fifty cents I have spent.  Maybe we will stumble upon another circuit set later.  Until then, we still have ninety more experiments to go!