Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I couldn't imagine a life without pets.  I have had numerous dogs during my life and a couple of cats.  I have also had hamsters, fish and turtles.   My husband has had his share of furry critters, especially cats.  My children have always known life with a pet.  We couldn't ever imagine not having a furry friend in our lives.

Sally B going for a walk.

Pets provide us with companionship and unconditional love.  They also make life very interesting at times.  We fuss over them.  They have their own beds, dog houses, favorite spots to lounge, treats to consume in moderation, etc.  Our animals are loved very much, but not as spoiled as my parents' and sister's dogs. 

If only our fur babies knew how their furry cousins lived, they would probably demand the same treatment.  My sister will cook her dog its own meal!  She treats it like another human in the household and Pita knows she ranks high on the list.  She is queen bee and enjoys every moment.

My mother's two dogs are no different.  They get special morning treats, scraps of this and that, evening treats, and other goodies here and there.  Lil' Bit is very finicky and demanding.  She rules the roost and will not give in when told no.  Fritz, however, is better behaved and will do as told. 

Fritz in his Santa suit.
Our own dogs, Sally B and Missy have much better manners.  They know their place is that of the loyal companion and protector of home and property.  They are loved, but they are not another human in the house.  I know for die hard pet owners that think of their furry companion as another child this must sound harsh.

Missy enjoying family time.

Both of our dogs know the furniture is off limits unless they are specifically invited to join us on the sofa, chair, or bed.  Now, when we are gone and leave Missy in the house, she believes it is her right of old age to be able to guard the house on the bed or sofa.  She is overcome with guilt when we arrive home and discover her on the furniture.  She slinks down or turns her head in shame.  She has quite a conscience for an animal.

Sally B is our rebel.  She had a rough start in life and ended up in the pound.  We rescued her and she has come to be a faithful companion.  She looks out for the children, when they are playing outside.  She takes her guard duties seriously.  She is full of personality and we often joke that she is a reincarnation of Hubby's dog (Rex), my dog (Tipper), and Hubby's cat (Bubba).  All three animals we had when we married twelve and a half years ago.  She looks a lot like Rex, has the idisyncraties of Tipper, and acts like Bubba.  We are so happy she picked us to be here forever home.

Our cat on the other hand believes we are to serve her.  She meows for her food, to be let out, to come inside, to have the door opened for her, etc.  She readily hops on the furniture to have her presence known.  Whether it is for someone to scratch her or just to snuggle with, she decides where she will be and how long she will be there.

Molly observing her domain.

I really can't complain too much about Molly (our cat).  She is an inside/outside cat.  She is trained just like the dogs to do her business outdoors, so I don't have to keep a litter box for her.  She lets the dogs know that she rules the house.  The dogs respect her and pretty much leave her alone.  Occasionally, Sally B just can't stand it and will chase her and nibble her ears.  Molly enjoys the ear nibbling, but not so much the chasing.

Our pets provide us with much entertainment.  I can't imagine life without them.