Sunday, May 26, 2013

What A Way To End The Season!

The boys may have started the season off slow.  They looked more like the Bad News Bears than anything.  They were basically a team of misfits that had potential.  They needed a guiding hand.  They needed confidence.  They needed patience.  They needed encouragement.  They needed to become a team.

Over the course of two months, twelve boys, along with their coaches and parents, kept believing in themselves.  They practiced on and off the field.  They never gave up.  They showed sportsmanship throughout every loss.  Then the hard work was rewarded.

The first win of the season came during their ninth game.  The victory was celebrated with ice cream.  For it was a sweet victory.

The second win came during their tenth game.  Everyone was astonished.  They had become the little team that could!

They went into a post season tournament with dreams of just playing one more game.  One more game, they played.  They played hard with the bats blazing and runs scored.  They emerged victorious!

Off they went to play in the quarter finals.  No one had expected the little team to get that far.  Again, bats blazed, runs scored, and balls were stopped.  They just experienced win number four!  They were headed to the semifinals.

The semifinal game was tough!  The little team that could tried its best.  The bats were hot, but the fielding was not.  They never gave up.  They turned it on in the last inning, but it was too late.  They gave it their all, however it wasn't enough.

The little team that could may have lost the semifinal game, but the boys only saw a victory.  They overcame the lack of skill from the start of the season.  They became more confident in their skills.  They learned that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but the game should always be fun.