Friday, May 10, 2013

The Boys Won!

The boys finally won a ballgame!  They were ecstatic and so were the parents.  It has been a long season.

We are a young team.  The majority of our boys are seven years old and haven't played much ball, if any.  They are still in the learning phase of the game.  Our coaches have gently worked with the boys and tried to show them the fundamentals.

We have played teams that consist of boys mostly eight and have experience.  There are two teams similar to ours, but our boys seem to be the smallest team.  

We have had two nail bitter games that we almost one, but in the end lost.  It hasn't seemed to affect the boys.  Their favorite part of game night is snack time.  (Are boys ever not hungry?)

Last night was different for them.  Our bats were hot!  The boys were listening and actually playing like a team.  They were cheering for each other.  

We took the field and they stopped balls and throw with accuracy.  They looked like a ball team!

Our final score was 9-6.  They came in from the field elated.  I think the parents were in disbelief that our team of Bad News Bears had pulled off a win!  Miracles happen on the field of dreams.

The coach gave each boy a game ball.  #1 hit a grand slam, #6 and #2 hit homeruns, #7,#24, #4, #24, #3, #17 had great hits, #8, #11, #15 had terrific stops.  

As sponsors, Hubby and I are taking the team out for ice cream.  We wanted to commemorate their first win a big way.  

We have one more game of the regular season left.  Who knows what will happen.  However, I know for them, win or lose, there will be snack time in the end!