Monday, May 6, 2013


Our great state has been a drought for a couple of years.  Any rain is a welcome site, but when it comes all at once...

I am hoping that we aren't seeing all the rain for the summer right now.  I recorded five and a half inches of rainfall over the weekend.  The yard was flooded.  The street looked like a river.  I had to bail out the turtle pond twice.  The pool began overflowing.  The dogs and cat dreaded to go out.

This morning, I woke to a ray of sunshine.  It was nice to see it.  However, it is only giving false hope of a bright, sunshine filled day.  Now, the gray clouds are slowly making their way back.  We are expecting more rain (hit and miss) today.  Looks like baseball practice tonight will be a washout.

At least, the lakes are filling and the water table is rising again.  We are out of drought status and making good progress to stay that way for a while.  Even though, Mother Nature may ruin a weekend or delay a ball game, in the end there is a silver lining.