Sunday, May 19, 2013

Random Garden Pics

I just love my gardens!  It has taken many years to develop the yard into different gardens and I am not done.  I have added two additional flower beds this year and a large vegetable garden plot is still a work in progress.  I don't know if I will ever be done.  It is an enjoyable hobby, that I hope rubs off on my children.

I am still in the process of killing the grass for a large vegetable garden.  I want to plant corn and okra.  The kids want a pumpkin patch and a sunflower playhouse.

My bell peppers in their new bed.

The cucumbers have been planted under a jute rope trellis.  We are hoping to have a bumper crop of cukes to turn into homemade pickles.  My asparagus bed is in the background.  It is year two for the bed and I can't wait to harvest asparagus next spring.

The peas are growing and blooming.  

My knockout roses were in full bloom on Mother's Day.  This bush has really grown since the children bought if for my last Mother's Day.

These are Egee's Clemson flowers.  She likes the bright orange flowers that bloom in the front flower bed.

I just love these delicate wildflowers.  They bloom in full crimson, crimson ringed in white and white ringed in pink.  

The Lambs Ear is almost ready to flower.  The silvery foliage really stands out among the blue cone flowers and lemon balm plants.

The view from my hammock after a hard day working in the gardens.