Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's Play Ball - Inman Library Program

Yesterday, Ms. Terri invited the Chapman Baseball Team to the library to put on a mini baseball clinic.  Little Man was so excited to attend.  He has been thinking about attending the summer baseball camp, at the high school, and this gives him a chance to meet the players and coach.

Coach Fusaro was wonderful!  He introduced all the players that came to help.  He told us a bit about each player and had nothing but praise for them.  The players seemed to enjoy their coach and were very attentive.

Coach Fusaro related baseball to the children in simple terms and used many familiar examples.  He had his players demonstrate a technique and then had the children model the technique.  He was very patient and made sure the children understood how to correct the position.

Each child had one on one attention with the players.  One player would throw a ball and another player would help and give pointers for fielding the ball.  Each player was very supportive of the children.  All the children felt at ease working with the players.  You can tell the players have received much positive reinforcement from their coach.  They would cheer on the children and celebrate with high fives.

Coach Fusaro would work down the line and offer encouragement and tips to the children.  He gently reminded them how to place their feet or glove.  Little Man was really getting the hang of throwing more accurate.  Egee was having a blast!

A lady came out with her toddler to watch the clinic.  Her little boy loves baseball.  Coach Fusaro gave the little guy a whiffle ball and made a fuss over him.  He played catch with the boy and even found him a bat.  The little one had a smile ear to ear and his mother was very appreciative of the coach making time for her son.

At the end of the clinic, they had a hit off.  Coach Fusaro pitched ten balls to each child and had a point system in place to score hits.  Little Man won the contest and Egee came in second.

Little Man can't wait to spend a week with Coach Fusaro and his team!

We would like to say thank you again to Chapman High School Baseball Team and Coach Fusaro.  We enjoyed our afternoon learning how to be better ball players.