Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Schooling, Play and No TV

The warm weather makes school work hard to accomplish.  The outdoors are beckoning the children and me.  Why spend the day inside?

We have scaled our lessons back to just bible reading, some history and science.  We will continue our science and bible studies throughout the summer months.  The children are enjoying learning about the animal kingdom and they can relate the studies to the outdoor experiences of summer.

I believe that play is part of growing up and learning. Imagination is developed through play.  It is the foundation of play.  However, children today do not play as much as those in past.  They play differently. I notice that children 'play' by watching each other play a video game or on an electronic device.  All types of 'play' center around electronics and television shows.  They do not create games, but recreate things they have scene on electronic devices.  But when left alone and without electronic stimuli, they begin to delve into imaginative play.  It takes a bit of time, but they do it!

I am a 'mean' mother and have taken away the television.  Little Man lost both television and all electronics for a variety of reasons.  Egee has just lost television.  Not because of something she did, just because I like hearing the quietness in the house without it.

Now this loss, has led to many I'm bored comments from Little Man.  What can I do then?  Can't I have just a little tv time?  Sorry, find something to do or I will find you something is my comment.  So, he has become even more industrious than normal.  Egee has been outside more.  Less fussing has occurred.  More play has taken place.  I like it!