Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Porch Weather

What a strange spring we have had this year.  Warm to cold, cold to hot, and who knows what else!  Yesterday was a very warm day with a lot of wind.  Partly overcast in the afternoon that led to pop up showers.  A perfect afternoon for yard work.

Yard work is a never ending chore in the spring.  I have mulched, made new beds, revamped old beds, etc.  I have given the turtles their new outdoor home and will hopefully, finally get the side patio area into some kind of functional space.

My front porch was the attention getter yesterday.  The pollen season has almost come to an end and it was time to wash it off the porch and furniture.  I sprayed the entire porch area with water.  This made pools of pollen water.  The yellow green stuff was everywhere! (Sweeping the porch only stirs up the pollen.)

My white rocking chairs were covered in pollen and mildew.  I generally use a bucket of water with oxyclean to scrub them down using a sponge.  But that just irritates the eczema on my hands.  So, this time I decided to use diluted bleach solution and my mop.  This method of cleaning my chairs was wonderful.  They came out bright and clean.

A gave everything a final rinse and was finished.  The mop method shaved about thirty minutes or more from the cleaning routine.

The black square on my table is industrial strength velcro.  We have a tremendous amount of wind and my flower pots were always blown off the tables.  So, I placed a piece of velcro on the table and the other part on the bottom of the pot.  Now, my flower pots stay put!  It is easy to remove the pot for replanting.

Now, I have a clean front porch and furniture.  I will be able to enjoy the nice warm evenings (when home and not a baseball practice) rocking in my rocking chair watching the sunset.