Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lazy, Rainy Day

Overcast sky and light drizzling rain makes for a lazy day.  We had a baseball tournament scheduled for Saturday morning, but it was delayed then cancelled.  The rain would come down in sheets and then taper to a mist.  A perfect day to lounge and listen to the pitter-patter of droplets hitting the ground.

After the rain subsided, I ventured out to weed vegetable beds and plant seeds.  The weeds came up easier in the damp beds.  The sky was still overcast and the temperatures pleasant.  Weeding is a never ending chore!  I really need to get some straw to cover up the beds.  It is on my to-do list.

As I weeded and pulled up a dandelion, I noticed a long light brown thing come up with it.  A snake!  My heart skipped a beat for a second, and then I noticed it was Brownie.  The Carolina brown snake that I haven't seen since the fall.  Unlike the garter snake, Brownie is very timid and does not try to strike.  She is more interested in blending into her surroundings.  I left her alone for a few minutes and she made her way back into her spot under the mulch.  She will continue to feed on the slugs and snails around my garden.

I continued to pull weeds and plant seeds.  My wildflower seeds are starting to germinate.  I can't wait for them to grow and flower.  I decided to plant a back drop of Mammoth sunflowers in my wildflower beds.  The children and neighbors like looking at the sunflowers.  I like the visual height they add.

I then planted my pole beans.  I planted them around the base of the fenced garden.  The fence provides the wonderful support they need and allows me to easily pick the beans.  I grow them behind the potatoes and the arrangement works out perfectly.

Finally, I transplanted my bell peppers.  These poor plants have been neglected.  I kept meaning to get them planted, but hadn't fixed their bed.  Now, they are in their home and hopefully will be happy.

I still need to transplant my tomato plants, that I had started from seed.  I guess that will be done today or tomorrow.  I have so much to still do!  Of course, a garden is never done.  But, I must wait again today for the rain to subside.  Mother Nature creates these days for rest and reflection.  The soothing sound of rain, the chirping of birds, the gray sky, and a light breeze just beckons the body slow down and enjoy a peaceful day.