Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pool Time

The weather is really starting to heat up around here.  The children have been asking when they can go swim, so I gave in and let them jump in the pool.  The pool temperature was seventy four degrees and the outside temperature was eighty five degrees.

I needed the kids to get into the pool and stir up the water.  I was hoping that it would help clear the cloudy conditions.  (I have never had a cloudy pool until this year.)

The pool was still cloudy the next morning.  I checked the chlorine, alkalinity, and pH.  Everything was fine.  I have ran the filter and still the pool remained cloudy.  So, off I ventured to the pool supply store.

Cloudy pool water

I bought a bottle of Super Floc and applied it to the pool.  If this doesn't work, I don't know what else to do.  The children aren't thrilled about no pool for two days.   The afternoons are getting hotter and they really want to swim.  I want a clear pool.

You can barely see the first step!  The picture shows the water looking green, but it is really a blue hue in person.

This morning I went to check on the progress and although the pool is still cloudy, it is getting clearer.

When I went out this afternoon, the pool pump was going.  I forgot to turn it off the timer and it was circulating the water again.  A big no-no!  I quickly turned it off and assessed the damage.  The settled materials were definitely stirred up, but I think I caught it in time.

You can see the steps now! 

About thirty minutes later, the stuff had settled to the bottom.  I am hoping to awake to a much clearer pool tomorrow.

By tomorrow afternoon the pool should be ready to swim in again.  Everyone will be happy and cool!