Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I started laying landscape fabric down in the enclosed garden today.  I had put it down last year and we never got mulch to place on top.  So, I pulled it back up and put it near our dog houses.  Today, the weather was right for working in the yard and we didn't have baseball practice or games.

I grabbed a loose end and pulled it to the garden.  Spread it out and staked it down.  Then went back for another piece and then another.

On the next trip, I noticed Sally B staring at the landscape fabric.  I figured she spotted a toad.   She loves to hunt for toads.  When I reached down, I noticed the snake!

Okay, I don't really freak out when I find a snake.  I am cautious and all, but I don't go into hysterics, like my mother or sister.  I noticed the yellow stripes on the darker colored body.  It was an Eastern Garter Snake.

Little Man thought it was cool and ran off to get Egee.  Egee wasn't impressed and retreated back into the house.  Sally B kept a watchful eye.

When I moved, the snake tried to strike.  I was several feet away from it and yes, I did jump!  I don't mind a docile snake.  But, if it is going to get aggressive, it doesn't get to stay.  I left the snake alone for twenty minutes and it moved back under another piece of fabric.

I finally finished moving fabric and mulching for the afternoon.  Hopefully, the snake will move.

I don't like to kill good snakes.  My sister and mother think the only good snake is a dead snake.  Not me! I want to teach the children to respect nature.  Nature's pest control is the best control!