Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Today's Lessons

Ah, the freedom to not have to worry about a set curriculum!  Yesterday, I posted concerning government intrusion on our right to educate as we see fit.  I gave examples of my son and curriculum choice.  Well, today we changed phonics curriculum, and guess what?  No whining about doing school work! 

Last night, I showed Little Man the ClickN Kids Looney Tune Phonics and Reading program.  He enjoyed the sample lesson.  We talked about what was expected and if he thought this would be a good change for him.  He said he would do the lessons, if I bought the program.  I cancelled our Time4Learning account and bought ClickN Kids and the spelling program.

This morning, Little Man was chomping at the bit to do his reading lessons.  I showed him how I had placed the icons on the desktop and how to get into the programs.  He could barely hold back the excitement.

I only planned for him to do one lesson today.  He enjoyed watching the cartoon and liked the robot conducting the lesson.  He found out he must pay close attention to the instructions.  As soon as, the lesson was over he readily clicked on the next lesson! 

He wanted to do a third lesson after that!  However, I didn't want him to go on today.  I wanted him to try the spelling lesson.  He was very agreeable.  He likes the space and robot theme of the lessons.

When I asked what he liked best, he said he liked typing the spelling words. Time4Learning was just mouse clicking.  He also said the lessons went faster.  In reality, the lesson last the same amount of time.  He was more engaged today.

After we finished with lesson, he came back into the room and asked to use the computer.  I asked what he wanted the computer for and he told me, "I need to do another lesson.".  So maybe, just maybe, we will get through phonics and reading without a fuss!  Crossing my fingers.