Friday, February 8, 2013

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Every February is the Daddy-Daughter Dance.  A wonderful way for little girls and their daddies to spend a special evening together. 
Egee has gone to the Daddy-Daughter Dance in Simpsonville for the last six years.  She looks forward to the dance starting in the fall.  That is when we start looking for the perfect dress.  We normally find a nearly new dress at a favorite consignment sale. This year we found a pretty, purple velvet dress.

She has tried out various ways to style her hair just so for the dance.  Should she wear it up or down?  Curled or straight?  Decisions.....

Ready to dance the night away!

She had a blast at the dance!  A night of music and dancing.  Two of her favorite things and enjoying them with her dad.  These moments go by so fast and we take everyone we get.  Hubby enjoys the evening with her.  He tells her that he only dances once a year and it is with her.  That makes her feel so special.

I hope they always have a special February date night no matter how old she gets.