Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Library Class - Cooking and Baking

Today, the children attended the Inman Library home school class.  Ms. Terri had another special guest for the children.  A local fireman with a passion for baking spoke to the children. 

Travis, from Sparkle City Sweets, told the children about his passion for baking.  He brought sugar cookies with vanilla icing for the children to decorate.  The children used food coloring markers to create designs on their cookies.

The children were delighted with the special treat.  Little Man thought it was cool that Travis was a fireman, too!  Thank you, Travis, for taking time to share with the children today.

Egee's decorated cookies.  She made the Oklahoma one for me!

Little Man's decorated cookies.  He gave me the firetruck cookie (upper left).

It is so nice to see members of the community take time to speak to the children.  Ms. Terri has done a wonderful job this year exposing the children to various occupations.  I know my children love to see what career will be next.  We can't wait for next month's guest speaker!