Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Onion Experiment

Two weeks ago, we started our onion experiment.  Can an onion be grown from the chopped off bottom of a grocery store bought onion?  Little Man said yes and Egee is saying maybe.  So, we are conducting the experiment.

I needed an onion for supper and we saved the bottom.  Here are the beginning pics.

The roots are very small and brown in color.

Side view

Onion placed in water.

After two weeks, you can see the roots have really taken off. 

The kids are amazed at the growth.  Egee is starting to change her mind.
A small bump is forming on the cut surface.
This pic shows the raised portion better.

Today, we have decided to add two other onions to the experiment for comparision.  We have added the cut off top of one onion that had already started to grow leaves and a whole onion that had started sprouting in the onion bag.

The green spots are where I cut through the onion.

Green stems of the cut onion.

This is the whole onion.  You can see the roots are dry looking.

The green leaves already growing on the whole onion before we placed it in water today.
 Next week, we will post more pics of our experiment.