Friday, February 22, 2013

The Rally in Opposition to H3478

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Rally on Thursday.  However, it looks like there was a good turn out.

So, how does H3478 stand today?  Well, we can't say it is dead.  The bill will not 'die' until the end of this legislative term (two years away).  We can say we have had a small victory.  Three of the four sponsors have removed their names from the bill.  Representative Brannon had said he requested the bill to go no further in subcommittee, but has not removed his name. 

Many of us have contacted Mr. Brannon by email, phone, Facebook page, and letter.  We ask him, why has he not dropped his name from bill H3478.  However, we have not received a response.  He does not respond to his constituents.  Why?

I would like to thank the representatives that support home schooling.  They understand that parents must select the best way to educate their child.  Parents need choices be it public school, private school, charter school, online school, or home school.  Even our State Superintendent of Education understands this and supports a parent's right to select the best way to educate a child.  Why can't Mr. Brannon understand this?  
As a home schooling community, we must remain vigilant.  We must monitor all legislation that threatens our rights to educate our children as we see fit.