Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let the Season Begin!

Last night was the first official baseball practice.  Eleven of the twelve boys showed up and were ready to play ball.  They had their gloves, bats, helmets, and bags.  Most were in their full baseball attire. You could feel their excitement.

Getting ready to bat.

They ran onto the freshly groomed field to play catch.  A few parents were tossing balls to the boys.  Little Man took his place among them.  He had a big grin on his face as he ran onto the field.

Ready for the pitch!

The coach spoke to the parents before the practice.  He asked for volunteers to help as assistant coaches.  I found it so ironic that parents want their kids involved in baseball, but won't commit themselves to volunteer.  All the dads that were there seemed to have an excuse.  "I would do it, but..."  Most of these dads said they will be at every practice and game.  So, why won't they commit?

The coach has squeezed this into his busy work schedule.  He has personal/work conflicts on a few dates.  If he cannot find reliable assistant coaches, the boys will not be able to practice or play when he has to be gone.  The National Guard won't let you call in for a baseball game.

So, why did he decide to coach?  He wants his son and my son and other boys to be able to play ball.  He wants them to learn to love the game and have fun.  He doesn't want a kid to sit the bench and watch the other nine kids play.  He wants them to learn that winning isn't everything and one must work together as a team to accomplish their goals.

Now, my own husband cannot commit and I don't  want to seem hypocritical.  He has said he will help any way he can, but he has prior commitments of teaching Aikido and covering classes at the dojo.  The coach knows this because he takes Aikido.  My husband has also agreed to sponsor the team.

Since, Hubby cannot commit, I have volunteered myself.  I have taken on the position of Co-Team Mom and score keeper.  Now, I just have to learn how to keep score!  I would coach, but feel that a team of little boys really need men out there coaching.

So, here is to a good season!  A season to learn, a season to have fun, a season to make memories.