Sunday, February 24, 2013

Starting Plants

I have decided to try and start plants from seed for the garden this year.  I have not tried this in the past and decided to give it go. 

I read on another blog to use clear plastic cups.  So, I went to the store and purchased potting soil mix, clear plastic cups, and seeds.  I needed to start my plants sooner rather than later.

Potting soil and cups in the wheel barrow ready to be scooped.

Once home I began filling my cups with potting soil mix.  I filled the cups up within an inch or so from the top.

Next, I brought the cups into the house and wet the soil.

After the soil was wet, I added my seeds.  I started 20 pea seeds.  Even though pea seeds can be directly sown into the ground this time of year, I did not get early germination last year.  The seeds sat and sat, so I am going to (hopefully) transplant seedlings into my garden this year.

I started 10 Roma Tomato plants and 10 heirloom tomato plants.  I have never tried growing tomatoes from seed.

Plastic wrap was added to the tops to keep the moisture in the cups.

After, I had all the cups planted and labeled, I decided to start onions, carrots, and chives.  I used little plastic food containers.  This is purely an experiment! 

Food container greenhouse seed starter.

Containers placed on the top of the pantry cabinet.

Everything out of the way!

Hopefully, I will have germinating seeds in a week!