Thursday, February 7, 2013

Proposed Bill H3478

I am all riled up!  My hubby and children are lying low around me right now.  As I have gotten older, I have also gotten more vocal in my opinions.  Yesterday, I was outraged when I read a proposed bill (H3478) in the State of South Carolina.  I am now on a mission to help this bill die in committee.

I have written my letters to my representatives, the members of the education committee, and governor.  I have joined the Facebook page in opposition to the bill.  I have posted the information on various message boards.  I have contacted family members and asked them to contact their representatives.

Why am I so passionate?  Any time the government wants to tell us what we should do and take away rights, it should send up red flags.  You say, this bill doesn't apply to me.  Well, the next bill they propose may.  If we cannot stand up and support each others' rights to freedom, who will stand up when we need it?

I was not yet ready to teach my children about the inner workings of government.  However, we have now been thrust into it.  We, as homeschoolers, have the freedom to go with the flow, learn life lessons, not teach to the test.  So, we have now added to our studies and are learning how to prevent bad legislation from passing.

My children are learning how to contact their representatives.  They are learning to stand up for their passions and not let them be oppressed.  They love homeschooling and understand why Mom is upset over this bill.

I have asked the four representatives for a response on why they proposed the bill.  I have at this time only heard from one.  Mr. Anthony did not provide a reason for his support of the bill.  In fact, he tells me the bill has no chance to pass.  I will not stop my fight against this bill until indeed it is dead.

Other homeschoolers are just as passionate.  Even the ones that do not homeschool under Option 3.  They know all to well that their option to homeschool may indeed be next.

Together we are standing for our right to homeschool our children as we see fit!