Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baseball Preps

Little Man has decided he is ready to play team sports.  He originally announced that he wanted to play basketball, but the season had already started.  So, he decided he would play baseball.  His older cousin plays baseball and Little Man wants to be like him.

We registered for baseball last Tuesday.  He was ecstatic and ready to play.  He has been making a list of all the things he needs for baseball.  Today, we went to pick up baseball supplies.

We had to get EVERYTHING!  Little Man has been playing ball at home with his sister's hand me down t-ball items:  pink ball glove, pink bat, and pink batting helmet.  He has never once complained about these items.  However, now that he is going to be on a boy's baseball team, it is time to get boy gear.

Off to Academy Sports store we trekked.  Little Man was bouncing from one baseball display to the next.  Trying on helmets and gloves.  Trying to find the perfect bat and ball.  Then, he had to have a batting glove and don't forget the cleats!

Next, we circled around to the sports apparel .  We found a cold weather cross training shirt to wear under his jersey, if it got cold.  Also,a cross training pull over to wear to practice.  Finally, everything on the list was checked.

Now the sticker shock.  Ball glove $25, bat $20, helmet $30, one dozen baseballs $17, batting glove $7, cleats $30, bat bag $10, shirt $5, pull over $10.  Hubby was surprised.  I wasn't.

All of this on top of the $120 fee to play ball.  My goodness, baseball is expensive and we didn't buy the expensive bat, glove, cleats, etc.  I mean it is only little league!  There are little league gloves that sell for over $100 and bats, as well.  I'm sorry, but they are only 7 and 8 year-old boys and it is suppose to be a game.

At least next year, we won't have to buy all this again!  Now, if his feet will just stay a size two all spring, we will be set!