Saturday, March 2, 2013

Turtle Time

The turtles keep growing and growing.  The tank that seemed so large a year ago, now looks so tiny!  Harriet and Franklin are needing more room.  Poor little Ozzy is the only one not complaining. 

The plan is to make an outdoor pond for them.  I have started the design and trying to get things in order to create their new home.  I won't be able to place the trio outdoors until it warms up.  I don't want to shock them.  So, I am having to become creative in letting them stretch their legs.

Harriet checking out the tub.

Today, I filled the bathtub half full of warm water and placed Harriet and Franklin in it.  They weren't too sure of this.  However, after a few minutes, they have settled into a larger pool of water.  I left Ozzy in the turtle tank.  Sometimes, when Harriet is displaced she picks on poor Ozzy.

Franklin swimming around the new digs.
I have checked on them every fifteen minutes.  They seem to really like the tub.  So, this may become a few days of the week endeavor.   It won't be to long and the pair will out grow the tub! 

Turtle play time!