Monday, March 25, 2013

Fish and Wildlife

Ms. Terri invited two men from the DNR Fish and Wildlife division to speak to the children during library class.  The children were very excited to learn about fish.

When we walked into the classroom, we saw that the men had set up an aquarium for the children to observe some local fish and other creatures.  All the children gravitated to the fish.  A few minutes later, they sat down to listen about the DNR.

The presentation consisted of what the DNR does, how and why fish are counted, what types of fish are found in the upstate, why fresh water fish are important, and local fishing sites.  The children were very responsive and enjoyed watching the fish in the aquarium during the presentation.  One fish was not happy being in the small tank and jumped out several times.  Of course, this amused the children.

After the presentation, the children gathered around the aquarium and learned about the fish in it.  They were told that even though some of the fish were small, they were adult fish.  They even got to see a young salamander and a crayfish. 

I think Little Man may be interested in a job at the DNR!