Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrating Easter

This week, we are focusing on Easter in our studies.  I printed a small unit study on Easter, checked out a few library books and dvds, downloaded plans to make our own version of Resurrection Eggs, found a recipe for resurrection rolls, and we are going to library class later this week to dye eggs.  That is just the start, for I believe we will end up with other things added to the celebration.

Today, we kicked off our study with a dvd about Easter.  It was a very simple telling of the Easter Story and the children had to recall what we had already learned last week to fully understand it.  It is definitely not a dvd I would want to use by itself.

After the dvd, I read "Easter" by Jan Pienkowski.  Egee thought the book sounded funny.  It is written in old style language of King James Version.  The children are use to the more modern versions of bible stories.  Pienkowski does a tremendous job illustrating the book.  Both children enjoyed looking at the pictures.

Later in the afternoon (after we went to purchase plastic eggs), we made a homemade version of Resurrection Eggs.  I had looked at purchasing a set from the local Christian Supply, but stumbled upon a blog that showed how to make a homemade set.  I thought it would be fun to make our own.

I printed out the bible verses and the list of items we would need to gather.  The children liked going on a scavenger hunt in the house to find various items like a nail, rope, rocks, coins, etc.  As we cut out the various verses, I read the verse aloud and the children assembled the egg.  Tomorrow, we will go back and read the verses and tell the Easter story in our own words.

We will complete the unit study handouts tomorrow and Wednesday.  On Thursday, we will go to Landrum for library class and dye eggs using various techniques.  Later, we will make our rolls and maybe even tomb cookies!

I am really trying to dematerialize holidays with the children.  It has gotten easier now that we have been out of public schooling for a year and half.  The constant what are you going to get for X is diminishing.   However, I do see that retailers try to hook children in more and more. 

When did Easter become the second toy holiday?  As a child, I remember hoping to get some candy from the Easter Bunny.  The Easter Bunny didn't leave toys.  Easter was about church and family and yes, a chocolate bunny.  It was about having fun dying eggs and understanding what the eggs stood for.

My children have always dyed eggs.  They have received candy from the Easter Bunny and a small toy and toothbrush.  Nothing large is given and the candy is kept to a minimum.

Hopefully, by the end of the week the children will be able to tell the Easter story, using their resurrection eggs, to their grandparents.  And, they will be some of the few children out there that don't see Easter as a mini version of the next toy holiday that retailers are trying to promote.