Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Egg Fun

Yesterday, the children attended the Landrum Library home school program.  Ms. Nancy was a brave soul when she decided to have twenty-six children dye eggs!

All the children were excited to walk into a room filled with dyes, paints, glitter, glue, food coloring, stickers, etc.  Ten dozen eggs were ready to be turned into works of art.  Ms. Nancy explained each station that was set up.  All the children listened intently to instructions.  Then she said the magic words, "Get an egg and start decorating!"

The room was buzzing with ideas.  Children explaining to one another what they were doing.  Eggs being dipped, painted, glittered, stickered, decoupaged, etc.  Little fingers turning many different hues.  Mothers were busy holding finished eggs.

Everyone had a blast!  The children did a wonderful job and didn't make a mess.  The floor stayed clean of spills and the tables were relatively spared of paints, glue and egg dye. 

Everyone marveled over each others' eggs.  Thanks, Ms. Nancy for such a great day!