Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Starting Plants Part 2

The seeds I started ten days ago are sprouting nicely.  The peas are ready to be transplanted any day now.  I am just waiting on the weather to cooperate.  The heirloom tomatoes are a bit leggy right now, but I am hopping they will continue to do well.  The Romas are finally germinating. 

I decided to move the germinated plants in front of the window.

Germination rates have been good for the peas.  I planted twenty seeds and fifteen germinated.  I plan on planting twenty more this week.

Peas in the background and a couple of tomatoes in the foreground.
 The heirloom tomatoes did well.  Out of the ten I planted only three didn't germinate.

The Romas, however, are a different story.  Only two of the ten planted have germinated.  I will try again.

The seedlings of onions, carrots and basil are doing well.  I am going to try and transplant them into small individual pots soon.