Friday, March 29, 2013

Time to Tumble!

Egee has been begging to take gymnastics or tumbling.  Her friend, Dancer, started taking tumbling lesson in the fall.  I have been putting Egee off for a few months.  Last week, Dancer's mom asked if Egee could go watch Dancer.  I allowed her to go and Egee loved the class.  She came back home and again started asking to take lessons.

I have pondered the idea enough and contacted the dance studio.  They had an opening in Dancer's class.  So, yesterday evening, Hubby took Egee to her first tumbling lesson.  (Little Man had a baseball game and I am Team Mom/Score keeper.)

Egee was so excited.  I don't think she really believed it was happening.

Hubby stayed and took a few pics and Dancer's mom sent me a few.  Egee had a blast and can't wait to go back.  I figure tumbling will help her with Aikido and give her some girl time. 

Here are some tumbling pics:

Getting ready for cart wheels

Ready to tumble!

Jumping jacks