Monday, March 25, 2013

Cats on the Roof

My neighbors have two young cats.  We have been watching the duo grow up, since they first got them last summer.  Boots and Dodge are quite the entertainers.  Little Man spent much of the fall playing with the kittens and watching their mischievous adventures.  So, it really came as no surprise, when I saw them on the roof of their house.

Boots likes the chimney.

Observing the neighborhood.

Checking out the satellite.


Boots is trying to find the spot to get off the roof.

Dodge just realized that Boots has left her post.

Dodge plays it cool on the arbor.
They acted like this was just a normal part of the day, until it came time to come down.  Egee and I had to coax them to the grape arbor.  Boots wasn't so sure about jumping down, but Dodge leaped without a second thought.  Boots then followed her sister.  I'm sure it will not be the last time we see them on the roof!