Friday, March 29, 2013

Music Sandwiched In - Classical Guitarist Peter Fletcher

The children and I attended the bi-monthly Music Sandwiched In program on Wednesday.  We were treated to New York classical guitarist, Peter Fletcher

Now, not being familiar with classical guitarist, we did not realize how accomplished Mr. Fletcher was.  Watching Mr. Fletcher play the guitar is mesmerizing.  He makes the instrument sing!  One would not believe it was a guitar being played at times. 

The audience was absolutely taken into the pieces he performed.  The children were quite impressed.  They are use to hearing a guitar being strummed, but not played in the classical manner.  I believe they have a new appreciation for the instrument.

Mr. Fletcher played selections from Greek, Spanish, and Turkish influence, along with pieces from Bach, Couperin, Myers, and Mompou. 

Thank you, Spartanburg Philharmonic and Spartanburg County Library for bringing such talent to our community!