Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vanderbilt vs Auburn Football Game

When we booked our hotel room in July, the fall Vanderbilt Football schedule had just been released.  The hotel that we stay at overlooks the football stadium, so I instructed hubby to request a room facing the field.  When we checked into the hotel, our request had been granted!

This is a view from our hotel room of the field.

Marching band practicing on Thursday.
Little Man could not wait until the Saturday football game.  Every morning he got up and pulled the curtains back to see if anything was happening on the field.  This kept him quite entertained on a daily basis.

Finally, Thursday evening the Commodore Marching Band had practice on the field.  Then Friday evening, the Auburn Tigers arrived and the coaches went onto the field.  On Saturday morning, the stadium was full of activity. 

We watched all the pregame prepping and then the hoards of people entering the stadium.  Our room was like having a private box suite at the game.  We found the television station channel to catch any plays we could not see and settled in for the show.

Cheerleaders warming up.

Pregame preparations.

Warm ups and fans entering the stadium.

This is a pic from the pool.

Half time

Watching the game from the room.

Kick off return

Enjoying lunch and watching the game.

Vandy wins!
This was such a fun Saturday!