Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We did something different today.  Our county library offers a program to all ages called Music Sandwiched In.  So today, we decided to see what it was all about.

The children were excited go and see the Oompah Band.  Little Man was full of questions.  "What is an Oompah band?  Is it going to be loud?  Do they sing?  What kind of music do they play?  What instruments do they play?  Is it at the library with the train?"  Egee tried to answer some of his questions, but wasn't exactly sure what an Oompah band was either.  I left a bit of suspense for them and didn't answer all their questions.

We arrived at the library and took our seats.  The room was filled with elderly people from two assisted living homes, some business people from the downtown area, a couple of mothers with preschoolers, and four homeschool families. 

Little Man was in ah of the musical instruments.  He pointed out the instruments he knew and asked about the others. 

Little Man waiting for the program to start.  The chairs around him quickly filled before the music started.

Egee ventured off to find the music sheets for the program.  She returned and eagerly scoured the song list and began reading the lyrics.

A family we got to know last year during one of the library programs showed and sat behind us. 

The Foothills Oompah Band began to play "Too Fat Polka" and the audience began to clap and sing along with the refrain.  

The playlist included:  "Roll Out the Barrel", "Hoop Dee Doo", "Happy Wanderer", "Blue Skirt Waltz", "Just Because", "In Heaven There Is No Beer", "I Want a Beer", "Edelweiss", "Pennsylvania Polka", "The Clarinet Polka", and the "Chicken Dance Polka". 

We clapped and sang along to the music.  The audience was having a wonderful time.  Egee and a few other of the homeschoolers got up and did the Chicken Dance as the band played.  They had a grand time.

Chicken Dance Time!

Egee got to dance with an Oompah Band member.

We had a blast celebrating the start of October with the Oompah Band!