Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crashing Colors

Today was science day.  We devote Thursday's to science experiments.  After breakfast, Little Man was ready to dive into learning.

Last week we had talked about primary colors (red, blue, and yellow).  So, I decided to pick an experiment that would reemphasize that lesson.

I gathered up the powdered milk, bowls, food coloring, dish detergent, and toothpicks.  Everyone gathered around the table and we began.

We reviewed our primary colors and discussed what colors are made by mixing them.  Next, we got the bowls and saucers out and filled them with the milk.

Then we added three drops of each primary color to the outer rim.

Then we placed three drops of detergent in the center of the vessel.

The colors began to move.

Five minutes later they were migrating toward each other.

Ten minutes later, we were seeing hints of green.

Fifteen minutes later, we were seeing more green, a little orange and a bit of purple.

Twenty minutes later.

Twenty five minutes later.
The children were amazed and wanted to stir theirs.  I let them and they added more food coloring. 

 After we finished experimenting, we logged what we had learned.  We discussed surface tension and how the detergent broke the surface tension and caused the food coloring to move about the vessel.
Another fun science Thursday!