Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Eventful Day

Wednesday was a busy day for us.  We started the day with library class.  Ms. Terri had a surprise for the boys during this particular class and Little Man was excited to see what it was.

This year's class theme is occupations.  Last month, the occupation was a librarian.  Egee found it to be very interesting, but Little Man did not.  Today was his day because the guest was the Fire Chief of our small town.

The Fire Chief talked to the children about fire safety and his job.  Then the treat came to get up close and personal with the fire truck.  The children asked questions and looked on in amazement as the Fire Chief explained all the features of the truck and its equipment.

 Each child received a plastic fire hat and a bracelet at the end of class.  This provided Little Man with much entertainment for the next hour.

After library class, we headed to the bowling alley.  The children have been wanting to bowl for a while and I made time in our weekly schedule.  We can count the outing as a physical education class.

Our next stop was the chiropractor.  Egee was told she is now on the two day a week schedule.  This means that her back is straightening out and the position was holding! 

Later in the afternoon, we trekked off to Aikido.  Little Man needed to finish his blue belt test.  To my amazement he was very focused and ready to test.  (This has not been the case lately.)  He passed his test!  Now he needs to help his buddy finish his test and both boys will be youth blue belts.

Little Man moving his name on the nafuda (name board).
To end our day, Little Man and I came home and he made his version of appetizers.  He was a very happy and wanted to surprise Hubby and Egee when they arrived back home from the dojo.  Egee was happy I had made chicken and rice for supper and unsure of her brother's attempt to make appetizers.  However, she nibbled at the concoction and this made Little Man content.

A great finish to an eventful day!