Thursday, October 25, 2012

Music Sandwiched In - Oct 24, 2012

Yesterday, we attended another wonderful Music Sandwiched In program at our downtown library.  The Converse College Choral and the Spartanburg Festival Choir performed several selections to promote their upcoming concerts in November.

The theme of the concert was "Music for the End of Time."  The children and I were uncertain as to what to expect.  The pieces they performed allowed the children to experience hearing works sung in other languages, as well as, English. 

Getting ready to perform Ani Ma'Amin.

Dr. Keith Jones directs the choir.

Just that morning, I read to the children about opera.  Little Man asked if we heard opera, while walking to the car.  Egee quickly noted that it was not opera because they didn't act.  I told him that the music was similar to what he would hear at an opera.  He was satisfied.

I love that we are able to experience different music genres at our library.  The children enjoy the outings and I enjoy adding the fine arts into our curriculum at no cost.