Monday, October 15, 2012

Leaf Pile!

The leaves are falling from our oak tree.  The tree is always the first to lose and last to get its leaves.  It never really has the pretty fall colors that other trees have.  Its oak leaves turn the basic brown and then slowly shed to prepare for the winter to come.

This past week the tree has lost enough leaves to provide the children with a source of entertainment.  They cannot wait until they have enough leaves to build a pile to jump into and cover themselves.

Little Man raked the pile.  He tired after a bit and recruited his sister to help.  Egee did and sent Little Man to ask for the leaf blower.  I refused to let them use the leaf blower.

Little Man asking for the leaf blower.
After a bit, they had a decent sized pile.  Egee wanted Sally B to join in the fun, but Sally B wanted to take a nap.  Normally, Sally B loves for the children to cover her up in leaves.  So, this turn of events disappointed Egee.

Egee in the leaf pile.

Egee and Little Man turned their attention to Missy.  She doesn't like to be covered with leaves, but will hunt for her ball in the leaf pile.  The children played ball with her and then hid it in the leaves for her to find.

A fun fall afternoon was had by all!