Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today started off rotten.  I awoke to painful cramps in both legs.  I haven't had that happen in quite a while.  After I finally gathered the courage to get out of the bed and take a hot shower, things began to improve.

Little Man was up and ready to go.  Egee was still in the bed.  She had a long night at Aikido and was tired. 

Little Man was starving!  He begged for us to fix pancakes.  So, I indulged his request.  He was ecstatic.

"Can I cook them?  Can I crack the eggs?  Can I flip them?" he asked over and over.  He ran and got his step stool and grabbed the spatula.

We mixed the batter and I poured out pancake batter onto the griddle. 

I pointed out how to tell when they are ready to be flipped.  He caught on quickly and hovered over the pancakes waiting for the right moment to flip them.

It is hard to believe he is getting old enough to learn how to cook. 

The pancakes were delicious!