Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Appreciation

I have been trying to incorporate more fine arts into our homeschooling curriculum this year.  Last year, I hit the basics and we did the occasional arts and craft project, but we never got around to exploring the fine arts. 

I had found a book at the local thrift store "What Every 1st Grader Should Know" and started reading the section on music aloud to Little Man and Egee.  Both love music and took an interest to the story of Mozart.  They eagerly asked questions and we talked about composers and instruments. 

They like to get my trumpets out and 'play' them.  They sit at the piano and can play a tune.  So, I have made an effort to expose them to more varieties of music. 

The Music Sandwiched In program at our county library headquarters, has been a blessing.  It has allowed me to provide various music experiences for them, that I may have not chosen on my own.  Thus far, we have listened to an Oompah Band and a concert choir.

I am also trying to find things for us to watch at home.  Last week, we discussed "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" by Paul Dukas.  I explained to them how the music told a story.  Then I reminded them about Fantasia and the show we saw at Disney Hollywood's Fantasmic show.  Egee remembered, but Little Man was only three at the time we saw the show.  So, I picked up the movie at the library.

We spent a windy and cold afternoon watching Fantasia.  The children were quite intrigued.  We named all the instruments in the orchestra, as the musicians filed onto the set.  We listened carefully, as the narrator told us about the piece to be performed.  We watched intently, as the images flickered on the screen.  The children asked questions of me and Iasked questions of them.  We had fun exploring the music and discussing why the artists chose certain images during the music.  I can't wait for them to see "Peter and the Wolf"!

We are going to see parts of an opera next week at Music Sandwiched In.  The children can't wait.  We have read the story "Hansel and Gretel" and discussed how it is an opera and typically performed in German. So now, we get to experience it live!