Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Are Going to the Ballet!

This morning, after snuggle time with Missy, Sally B, and Little Man (Egee was still in her own bed), I checked my e-mail.  There I found a message from Greenville Ballet.  They were offering a school performance of The Nutcracker for public, private and home schooled children.  Knowing that Egee loves The Nutcracker and we are studying different types of music, I looked into it further.

 Pictures taken from the Greenville Ballet's website:

Sure enough, the ticket prices were very reasonable.  Who couldn't afford to take a child to see an outstanding ballet for five dollars?  The accompanying adult cost was only ten dollars.  For the main public performance tickets start at $21.  Although that isn't bad, it does hit the pocket book when three people attend. 

I asked the children if they would like to see The Nutcracker.  They both energetically said YES!  So, I printed the ticket ordering form and made out the check.  We will attend our first ballet in December.