Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hansel and Gretel

Yesterday, I took the children to another wonderful Music Sandwiched In program at our main library.  The Converse Opera Theater students were fantastic!  The children were intrigued with the performance of these individuals.

I was unsure how the children were going to perceive the show.  The actors were all dressed in black and the stage had minimal props (bench, small table, and a broom).  However, this didn't matter to the children.  They didn't even mention why they weren't in costume.

Hansel and Gretel in the opening act.
'learning to dance'

The evil mother
The father and mother

Gretel and Hansel in the forest praying.
The wicked witch grabs Hansel.
The cast and director take a bow.
 Egee was so impressed at how loud they could sing.  She thought the performers had microphones and was trying to see how they had hidden them.  I told her that they learned voice projection and didn't use microphones for this performance.  This of course led to a discussion of how one projects her voice without yelling.

Little Man was captivated by the whole thing.  I had wondered if he would bore from the long scenes, but he didn't.  He proclaimed he loved opera and wanted to see more opera.  I can only imagine how impressed he would have been to see a full set and all the performers in costume!