Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This morning the children and I went to our polling place.  I have always taken them to vote.  Some times when we go, there is a short line.  Other times, we wait in line for an hour or more.  Today, it took us an hour.

It is sad that people in general only take the time to vote in a presidential election and not other elections.  Do they not understand that even local government is important?  Evidently, they do not.  They only care about the big offices and haven't a clue what else is on the ballot.

I want my children to understand the importance of casting a vote.  So, they are privileged to witness the entire process.  I heard comments in the line about the 'poor' children having to wait in such long lines.  The  comments were then supplemented with how good they were being.

As I scanned the crowded lines, I saw about a dozen children of various ages.  They were all well behaved.  These children are lucky that their parents are allowing them to be part of the voting process.

I allowed my children to go up to the voting machine and watch me cast my ballot.  They each received a "I Voted' sticker.


If a child can be taken to an amusement park and wait in the long lines to ride, they can be taken to the polls and wait in a long line to 'vote'.  This is just another part of teaching our children the responsibilities of being a citizen of this great country.