Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little Boys

Life with a boy is definitely different than life with a girl.  I am blessed to have one of each.  Growing up with a sister did not prepare me for a life with a boy.  Having a girl first, still did not prepare me for a boy.  Unless a woman has had a son that is 'all boy', she will never understand a male.  Even then, she still will never understand a male! 

Here are just a few things I have learned in the last seven years.

1.  What would life be like to have a clean house?  Boring.

2.  Candy is evidently a meal to itself.  It doesn't matter what time of day it is consumed.

3.  Everything can be turned into a weapon.

4.  The cat can survive being held upside down and drug around the house because 'she likes it'.

5.  The border collie makes a great pretend deer to stalk and hunt.

6.  Sally B is a perfect bear to stalk and hunt.

7.  Fire is the BEST invention ever!  Whether it is helping make a fire in the fireplace or in the great outdoors.              

8.  Shirt and shoes are definitely optional attire (even in the winter).

9.  Extreme comfort is being able to just wear boxers all day.

10.  Video games are a must.

11.   Blocks and legos are great to build all types of weapons or just to build and knock over again
and again.

12.  The refrigerator is a boy's best friend, along with a full pantry and microwave.

13.  Dirt doesn't hurt.  Whether it is on the skin, hair, or clothes.

14.  Swimming in the summertime also equals a bath.

15.  Anything round can qualify as a ball.

16.  All sticks have a purpose.                          

17.  A boy is never full!  (He only claims to be full if he does not like what is being served or he wants to leave the table to go play.)  Five minutes after everyone is finished eating, he is starving.

18.  Aggravating your sister is a sport.

19.  Tempting fate is a must!

20.  Mom's lap is still the safest place to be.

21.  No matter what (unless it is your sister) you don't cry in front of girls.

22.  Why make your bed when you are going to sleep in it later.

23.  BB guns, bows and arrows, swords, and knives are essential boy things. 

24.  Tools are cool even if getting into Dad's gets you in trouble.

25.  Seeds turn into food!  Learning to garden can come in handy.

26.  Trees are for climbing.      

27.  Rope can be used for many things.

28.   Selective hearing begins at a very early age.

29.  When in trouble, bat the eyes and give a sheepish grin.  Follow by looking very sorry and saying I love you Mommy.

30.  Permanent marker are wonderful for making art on the walls and changing one's face into a tiger.

31.  There should be Halloween every month.

32.  Boy's can aim and hit the target when it comes to shooting a gun or bow and arrow, but not the toilet.

33.  I don't know and not me are his favorite phrases.

34.  Bodily functions are humorous no matter what.

35.  Boys need good men in their life.

36.  Mom's cooking is always the best.

37.  If you hold your hand under the water for a second and then wipe it on your dirty pants, your
hands are clean.

38.  Costco is the best grocery store in the world!  Free samples should be mandatory in all grocery

39.  Grandparents are a boy's best friend. 

40.  Shopping is only fun if it is for toys or if it includes going to Lowes, Academy Sports, or Bass Pro.

41.  Cooking is cool when you get crack eggs and lick the brownie batter.

42.  When taking a bath, one should dump half a bottle of shampoo in the tub to make bubbles, then fill the tub to the top with water.  This will ensure you get clean from top to bottom.

43.  Mom 'loves' it when the spray water bottle is used to drench anything that needs to be cleaned in the house.

44.  Boys are oblivious to messes.

45.  To stay in good graces with mom, give her several hugs a day and say love you.

I love my boy with all my heart.  He may drive me insane at times, but I don't know what I would do without him.  He can make my nerves frazzle one moment and melt my heart the next.  I love my Little Man!